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Who We Are

Medical Logistics Inc. is the leading provider of powered and non-powered pressure relieving therapeutic surfaces including mattresses and overlays in the North East region. We are a wound care solution company; this means that we provide our client and the patient with the best technology available that the patient will qualify for. We do not favor any particular brands or manufacturers, just simply supply you with quality wound care surfaces that are found to be effective and cater to the patient's individual need.

Our Misson

Our mission is to promote wound healing and decrease wound recurrence while maintaining the dignity, independence, comfort and pain control of the wound care patient through our products and services.

Our Goals

To expose health care professionals and institutions to our services as to better provide for their patients. The health care professionals that directly deal with patients that have limited mobility due to factors that require support surfaces are our strongest asset. Together we can ease suffering and promote faster healing of patients that are in need of pressure relief and rotation therapy.

Our Products

We provide the nation's leading technology in wound care support surfaces that accelerate patient healing while reducing the complications of patient immobility. The results are patients who have healed faster and more effectively. Along with this, we provide the technical support associated with our products.

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New York, Connecticut and New Jersey
Tel: 800-955-8967 / Fax: 800-495-4580
Email: info@medicallogistics.com